History of Dharapuram


Dharapuram is a Municipality in the Tirupur district. It is then known as Rajarajapuram was the capital of Kongu Nadu under Kongu Cholas. Dharapuram is in Bank of Amaravathi River 9.62 Km2. Dharapuram Municipality is promoted first grade municipality on May 6, 1983 when thirupur was a township. Dharapuram has attained the status of a Municipality in the year 1916 and functioning as the First Grade Municipality from 06.05.1983. Major development in Dharapuram is Agriculture & Textile Trades

agriculture land in dharapuram 

In ancient(850 A.D) time Dharapuram town where part of Chera & Kongu Country. In 1000 A.D. - 1275 A.D. Dharapuram is renamed as Rajarajapuram, made it as their Military and Political Headquarters of Cholan capital. From 1276 A.D. the Pandyan empire took control Rajarajapuram. A Pandyan ruler Veerapandian made Kalingarayar, a Kongu chieftain the Prime minister of the Pandyan empire.



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